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Yatour Car Digital AV Changer

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Product Description

Fast Installation Guide:
Important Note:
 Installation progress depends on the different car models. For your car safe, we recommend you would go and ask for 4S or professional shop to help to install accordingly.
 Before installation, please refer to the user manual.

The detailed Installation Guide:

1. To make sure that the car engine is stopped and the key is pulled out from steer wheel, and stop the power on the original main unit, then take out the main unit from the original place, you will see the CDC port at its back. You can consult the local professionals and use our manual for your reference if you are still in difficulty.
2. To connect the back of CDC port with the current device, make sure that wire harnesses are connected properly. For some cars, set aside the earth wire in a good place accordingly when it is necessary. The product is with video input and output function, therefore if you want to connect to display , you need to connect one end of the video input and output wire with the product main unit AV port , and put the other end of wire in connection with car main unit back of AV (the display must support ). In addition, if the car head unit or car original CDC has video output function, you shall insert cables to connect car video output with the current device AV port .
3. To put the device in a good place like glove storage or somewhere else you desire after the successful installation, and make sure the back space of the main audio equipment is larger enough.
4. To turn on the power, and turn it on and off at least twice to test the product. Then put back the main audio device after the successful test, you can use necessary screws to fix tightly before pulling out. At this time the installation is over.

Important Note:
1. Previous external CD/VCD/DVD changer can work together with the current device as long as their wire harnesses can be connected properly, but this is applied to some cars only for limit purpose. About the details, it all depends on the situation.
2. After installing the main audio equipment, you should switch off the power for 30 seconds usually, but for the car made in French, it will take about 3-5 minutes. Then you can use the device to enjoy the entertainment: firstly, turn on the power of the main audio unit, then switch CD button (CDC or Mode) one or twice to the product’s play mode, at this time the indicator of the device will light up, it mean that the product is working. In the meanwhile, CDC, EX or CD1 will be shown on the screen according to different car models.
3. Pay more attention to Audi car for its audio master, whose CDC wire is connected, so you need to change to connect our current device.
4. When Clarion brand audio equipment works together with our products, you need to turn off the power before installation, otherwise, it doesn't work at all. Furthermore, pay attention to the proper wire connection of Clarion brand audio equipment, especially positive and negative.
5. For other issues, please refer to our website at
http://yatour.net .

The Main Functions and First Use Points Highlighted
Applied to Car Models and Original Audio Masters:
Car models are seen at gift packing, and please check that your car model and its main audio equipment supports CDC port before use. For detailed information please visit our website.

Available Storage Cards:
SD slot supports standard MMC and SD (except SDHC card); While USB port supports standard USB 1.1, the standard is 2.0 or other removable implements including U disk, removable hard disk , USB card reader or some MP3 or MP4 player .

Supportable Video or Audio format:
Due to strong decoded chip inside, the device can support high quality sound source such as main MP3 and WMA, and support video format like MPG、MPEG、AVI、MPE、DAT、VOB、DIVX、DIV、XVID、MP4、M4A etc. (That is not to say above mentioned file extensions always can play, that mainly depends on its encoding method, generally speaking, the product supports the video files which only if MP4 and PDA can play, furthermore it does not support high-definition video playing files.). In addition, it also supports playing pictures in JPG or JPEG format, and the playing time interval is 5 seconds.

The Directory Management and the Playing Mode:
One file folder created is as One Disk in daily usage. According to playing sequence, it is playing from the first file folder or file under the root directory inserted by the car owner by the help of USB port or SD slot. One of audio or video format files will be activated and opened automatically as CD1, the following file folders will be opened in sequence, after CD1,it is CD2, CD3 ……in that way, according to the folders created order, the playing folders or files of root directory is always takes advantage of others.

Video input or output:
The product has the video input and output function, and demanding the display has its corresponding Video In port to match .You can connect one end of video input and output wires with the car’s head unit back of AV Output port, and connect the other end with the display AV In. The display video will be switched on automatically after operation. The device can work normally even without display.     

This port is used to play auxiliary music source from external equipments such as MP3 player, MP4 player, PSP, or Mobile Phone (but a special wire is provided for connection). When you use Aux In, other format music SD or USB does not work for the time being temporarily. Therein the working indicator light will be changed occasionally, which means that it is in the working status of Aux In. While you pull out of the Aux In wire, the device can resume playing from what you have paused last using SD or USB.

Exact Power Failure Memory:
The device supports exact power failure memory for the music playing in the use of SD or USB. If the power is suddenly off or you switch to other type to play other sources models such as CD, AM/FM or else by chance, the paused music or video will be continued to play when they are in normal again. Even if the files in SD or USB have been changed, last position memory still remain, however, the device does not support the exact power failure memory in the way of Aux In.

How to Operate and to Use the Device: 
1. First of all, you need to format the music storage through FAT16 or FAT32, next, you can build up the music files according to your favor in the music storage. You can enjoy the first built up in the music storage. For the sake of usage and management, we recommend that each created files is added no. 01, 02 and so on, in order to get music files playing as desiring. (Please look at the following picture)

※Important Note:
 Take the left picture structure as an example, if the root directory has not file folders or files, the playing order is as per showing picture. The root directory has priority to perform the files or files, therefore we advise you to put your favors under that directory.
 In order to control and read the files conveniently and as effectively as possible, we recommend you not to create and to save more folders or files each time. Less than 20 created folders and 199 files per folder are acceptable. If overload, some car main audio devices can not display and open the extra folders or files, and please do not panic because this is not problem of machine.

2. Turning on the car main audio device, you need to switch the mode to CD by pressing the CD (CDC or MODE) key, after that you can enjoy the music audio or video from the car digital AV changer. It needs to be pointed out that some car models need pressing the FM/AM key first, then pressing the CD (CDC or MODE) key, and the switch will be achieved between MP4 changer and car original CDC changer.

3. After the working indicator light will be on or blink quickly for 3-5mins, it will play the first music from the device automatically. If the light is occasionally on or off, that means the device is not in real working state although it is electrical. If the power light is off completely, you would need to check that the power of the main unit is turned on or not and the wire harness is connected properly or not.

4. The operation of MP4 is similar to the controls on the main audio device. Usually most of the buttons on the audio equipment can direct to achieve the results as your desire, but some type of cars’ need adjusting correspondingly, for example, the button like FF or REW is changed to the control keys for next or previous files, for some cars, it even work under the condition of pressing the keys about 1 second. It is pointed out that the MP4 changer will play next files after the current files automatically.

5. Aux In is superior to SD or USB when they are working at the same time. When it is playing from SD or USB, it will switch to play the external auxiliary input automatically if AUX IN is required all in suddenly. In addition, the SD is as same as the USB on the priority order depending on its sequence order.

Important Note:
 The exterior surface is about 48℃ under the high temperature when it is still working.
 The same function is conforming to the original car audio. But sometimes different type of cars have minor difference.

 Common problems and solutions:
1. It does not work after installation. 
First of all, please check the wire harness is connected reliably and stably. Sometimes you need check proper earth wire for other cars.

2. Music playing is paused suddenly as a result of frequency switch or other unclear reason.
You just press the button to reset, or reopen the audio main equipment or car power supply to activate again, or check its wire connection.

3. Low volume or making a lot of noise suddenly in the use of AUX IN of audio equipment.
The Volume of the Audio equipment is to be adjusted to be high accordingly. The power from the car is not enough to support the equipment. You can use your own the equipment battery.

Product Specification:
Voltage Input: 12V DC                     
Signal-to-Noise:  95DB
Max. Current: 600MA                     
Max. Voltage output: 12V
D/A Device: 24BIT 192KHZ              
Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.01%
Frequency Response: 20HZ-20KHZ          
Working Temperature: -10℃ - 80℃

Thank your very much for your purchase. It is our duties to provide you with perfect product and best service, protecting your right or interest is our duties as well. Therefore, our company works out following standard terms of warranty service in accordance with relevant state regulations. And the ultimate interpretation rights belong to Guangzhou Yatour Electronics Technology Co., Ltd..

Free maintenance and warranty since the purchased date of the main device is one year.

Important Note:
 The hardware and software along with the function setting may be adjusted upon the current demand. We do not notice you after you have purchased our previous products. We have rights to do so without notice in advance.
 For more information about our products, technology and the usage technique, please visit our website at
http://yatour.net .
 The trade marks and brands that are mentioned are protected by the law.

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