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Yatour Intelligent Parking Assist System (IPAS)

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Product Description

Intelligent Parking Assist System


   Many new drivers experience that the driving is easy, but the parking is difficult, therefore the traditional parking assistance system gradually becomes a necessarily safe device for the car parking. However there are still some questions when parking, the reversing radar is also helpless. Therefore video camera parking system is growing more and more popularly, in addition, the debut of the DVD navigation brings the more vast development for the video parking system. Keeping up with this trend, Intelligent Parking Assist System as a new car unit is launched, which makes parking easier and more comfortable . The Intelligent Parking Assist System (called “the product” for short mentioned below) has several outstanding characteristics, such as intelligent prompts for parking dynamic track, reading the data of original parking, giving reference to the car exact position itself, Static Track displayed for final destination as always. Combining with the original reversing radar and the car camera which has larger wide angle, the product not only achieve the better results as expected , but also display dynamic track provided by radar or camera to follow up continuously. As you are parking your car, the two dynamic tracks are displayed in the screen of DVD navigation, which can follow up the steering wheel action , and exactly describing the parking exact status . Your parking is as easy as your driving.

This product works by reading CANBUS data of sensor which provided by the electronic stability program of original vehicle in connection with OBD-computer port into the unit OBD-II, detecting the rotational rate of steer wheel, car speed and the car's lateral acceleration. By considering the above information, the unit will work out the dynamic track in relation to the static track furnished by the camera ,  and those will be displayed on the monitor or screen. It will help driver parking by the help of the unit.  The product is so easy to install and static tracks are precise and reliable, The unit can work to display the barriers’ information on the screen through previous radar, and some car models can directly read their radar’s information. It perfectly matches with the original car’s ex-factory setting. It is compatible with various brand car camera, screen of DVD navigation, and separate screen as well, and the car units fit many car models.


* Important Note:

1. The result of video output depends on the car camera and display screen.

2. It is assistance to park but not necessary when you drive, please pay more attention to the surrounding places intensively when parking



1. Connected to car OBD port, without harming interior trim of original car, and it is easy to be installed.

2. Reading directly computer data from the original car, it is uninterrupted, and its tracks are precise and reliable.

3. Reading the radar data from the original car, showing exactly information about car obstacles as far as partial cars models are concerned.

4. Support kinds of brand of parking cameras, and screens of DVD navigation or external display screens.

5. Adjusts dynamic and static tracks from right or left freely, which satisfies different type of displays.

6. Suitable to most car models, Choose car models to set install .

7. High-definition image output, support various of car screen.

8. Menu operation, setting is simple and easy to operate .

Works with the following vehicles:

Toyota Series:


07-09 Camry

05-09 Crown

05-09 Reiz/Mark X

07+   FJ Cruiser

07-09 Highlander

07-09 Landcruiser

07-09 Prius

09 Fortuner

09 Prado

07-09 RAV4



04-07 xA

04-07 xB





07-09 IS 200/250/300/350

07-09 ES 300/330

07-09 GS 300/430

07-09 LS 430

07-09 LX 470


IMPORTANT: All vehicles must be with VSC system

Honda Series:



2008-2009    TL

2007-2009   RSX




08-09 Accord 

06-09 Civic

05-09 CRV

09 Odyssey


IMPORTANT: All vehicles must be with VSA system 

VW Series:


2006-2009 EOS

2005-2009  Golf/GTI/R32

2005-2009 Jetta

2005-2009 Passat

2007-2009 Beetle

2006-2009 Tiguan


2006-2008 A3

2008-2009 A4/A4l/S4

2004-2009 A6/S6

2006-2009 AllRoad

2009 Q5

2006-2009 Q7

2006-2009 TT



2008-2009 Spuerb

2007-2009 Octavia



Gallardo 2007-2009

note: All vehicles must be with ESP system 

GM Series:


2008-2009  Regal

2009  LaCROSSE


2008-2009  Insignia

note :  All vehicles must be with ESP or StabiliTrak® system 


Ford Series:

2007-2009 Mondeo

note :  All vehicles must be with ESP or DSC system 


Mazda Series:

2008-2009 Mazda 6

note 1:  All vehicles must be with ESP system 


PSA Series:


2007-2009 C4

2009 C5

note :  All vehicles must be with ESP system 


Mitsubishi Series:

2008-2009 Pajero

2008-2009 EVO

2008-2009 Outlander

note:  All vehicles must be with ESP system 



Rated Voltage: 12V DC

Rated Current: 300MA

Max Output Voltage: 12V

Working Temperature: -30℃ - 85℃

Video Input or output: Composite RCA terminal

Standard: PAL/NTSC

Range: 1Vp-p, Synchronization of Negative 0.3Vp-p, Overload 75 Ohm

Product dimensions::97 x 85 x 24mm

Box dimensions:225 x 140 x 50mm

Net weight:150g


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