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Auto Windows Closer

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Product Description

VW Auto Window Closer


Do you have any such experiences? When you were parking, you would occasionally forget to shut the windows, which would make property lost or water gotten into the vehicle during the rainy day. It is so nice to tell you that the KVW100+ Window Closer can solve the problem completely for you. It is adopted advanced programming technology of the car’s test por, and its original computer is upgraded. At the same time it does not need to be modified , it is highly safe. In addition,it can make your love vehicles have auto-closing function about in one minute.But the common Window Closer in home needs removing the car’ s door board and cutting or connecting wire when It is being installed ,so it will do harm to the car to different extent ,and also have hidden danger. the appearence of KVW100+ is a revolutionary breakthrough of technology of the auto-closing window,reaching the world leading level,making the ordinary modified Window Closer out of the date completely.


Functions and Characteristics

1. It will close all the windows(include the top window) automatically, through the upgraded car computer , after the engine is stopped and the car is locked with remote control , otherwise they will not .

2. System will keep a check on the present situation of the windows intelligently and protest the car’s electric motor or storage battery. This is reflected in following two aspects:

a. If the windows have been closed before locking the door,it will not work again.

b. Some window is closed during it is working, the electric motor of the according window will be cut off.

3. The car equipped with original remote control has following tow functions:

a.  High anticlamp : the window will stop rising and falling,when it is hindered during closing the window.

b.  Dropping the window with remote control: the window can be opened with remote control outside the car (you must keep your hand pressing the unlock key),which become a part of the CANBUS system, and it does not affect any functions of the car.

4.  It is easy for any car’s owner to finish the installation about in one minute without any professional knowledge.


Available Car Models:

It is compatible with the original car of VW/POLO/BORA/new BORA/Golf/Passat/B5.5 etc., and partial VW(the one used 799C chip of Comfortable computer which has been processed).It does not support BORA(produced before 2001) , Passat(produced before 2001), POLO(produced after Feb,2006), BORA(produced after Jun,2007) and Golf(produced after Jun,2007).


Steps of the Installation

1. Firstly, find the test port of OBDII, Secondly, start the car and insert KVW100+ into the test port, Please make sure it is inserted tightly, and then you will hear a long song from the KVW100+ , Finally it will begin to test and upgrade about in one minute.

2. For the car which can be normally upgraded after the one minute ,you will hear 3 times short songs from KVW100+ , it shows the upgrading is successful, the installation is over and you can pull out the KVW100+.

3. For the car which can not be identified or upgraded, after a while,you will hear a continuous beep sound. That is to say, it is not support the car ,so it can not be upgraded

4. For the car which has been upgraded, we could drop its windows first , and then stop the engine , pull out the key and lock the car with the remote control. Afeter one second ,all the windows including the top will close automatically.(Notice:the product only suppor the car with remote control for locking. If not , the function of auto-lifting window will not come ture , At the moment you need to leave the key in the locking direction for several seconds,till all of them are closed.)

Sweet Tips:we can just upgrade one car only with one KVW100+, 
and it does not need to be kept in the test port after upgrading is over, 
please keep the used KVW100+ safe.The product enjoys lifetime 
maintenance freely.     
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